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Are you looking for an Estate Lawyer in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto or Mississauga to prepare your Will or Power of Attorney? Call HG Law today!  You will get the advice you need, and the peace of mind you deserve.  

At HG LAW we can advise clients on will and estate planning or litigation and dispute resolution associated with a will or estate.  Our expertise provides you with the confidence of knowing that your wishes and intentions are accurately documented, and our creative, practical solutions may offer alternatives you hadn’t considered.


We assist clients with the legal issues related to:

  • Will Preparation and Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration and Distribution
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care ("Living Wills")
  • Guardianship of Minor Children
  • Establishment of Trusts
  • Parental Consent for a Child to Travel Abroad
  • Notarizations

Why You Should Have a Will

A Will is one of the most important things you can do for your spouse, children and family.  Most married couples think if one of them was to die, the other would automatically inherit that estate. This is not necessarily the case. If you were to die without a Will, the law would determine a division of your estate.  More complex problems can arise for couples in common law marriages.


Without a Will, your children’s share may be deposited with an official appointed by the Court and invested at a normal interest rate. Money for your children’s maintenance and education may require a costly and time consuming court application.


If you have a Will, your estate can usually be settled more simply, more quickly and at less cost. Your financial affairs and the inheritance of your children will be managed by an executor who you appointed and in whom you have trust and confidence.


Another advantage of a Will is that you can determine at what age your children will receive their inheritance. Without a Will they would receive their share at age eighteen. Many parents feel this is simply too young. 

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