HG LAW is a full-service law firm located in Cambridge, Ontario.
With a strong reputation for the highest quality service and professional excellence,
our Cambridge based law firm is capable of fulfilling most of your legal needs.
We offer competitive legal services in several areas, including:


Divorce and Family Law ● Real Estate ● Wills and Trust Law

Business Law ● Civil Litigation 

We service clients in Southwestern Ontario:
Cambridge ● Kitchener ● Waterloo

Guelph ● Milton ● Hamilton

Contact our Cambridge Law Office to schedule an appointment!

     Our goal in every file is to achieve the results for our clients that they want in the most affordable manner possible.  At HG LAW we pride ourselves on the expertise of our diverse legal team, our commitment to our clients and our accessible, personal style – and we know you'll appreciate our sensitivity to cost.  We realize that middle-class families have financial constraints and thus we offer ways to minimize legal fees. We encourage clients to have more control of their file, contribute their own thoughts and opinions on what they want the opposing side or court to hear. We always review any material completed on the file; however, the client has an ability to save on fees and disbursements in the process.  We also remind the client at several stages of the file how their money is being used and how to maximize their investment in their legal case.     

     The legal process is expensive as it is. We do not think that a lawyer should add to the expense by not coming up with creative solutions in reaching a resolution as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With this approach in mind, our goal is to achieve affordable results, not only positive ones.          

We charge either block fees or hourly rates 
starting at $300 per hour.

Evening and week-end appointments are available on request. 
We are here to serve you!TM

Reliable Services. Affordable Prices.



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